Access Control Considerations

DISCLAIMER: All entries in this blog pertain to real work done and products used by Citiloc Systems Ltd. Names and identifying details are withheld in order to maintain the privacy and security of our clients.

Posted – January 30, 2015

Card ReaderFor any project, the question must be asked: what is the most efficient and secure way to protect this site? A vast selection of access control products is available, with varying levels of offered protections and price points. Here are some options and considerations to take into account, depending on your site application and security needs.

Physical Hardware

Access control begins with quality hardware. For sites with minimal security requirements, strong locks such as ASSA ABLOY Medeco 3 may provide adequate protection. They are tested against picking, bumping, drilling, and other physical attacks, and only authorized personnel can have copies made of keys.

Offline Electronic Systems

The ability to set schedules and generate audit reports from your access control system may be essential. Medeco 3 Logic is an economical choice for this application, allowing site staff to program and download access instructions directly to tenant or visitor keys.

Web-Based Electronic Systems

If you require real-time communication between door devices and the system’s head end, ICT WX is a potential solution. Programming is done on a simple online interface and the information is downloaded to the control panel, which enables continuous live communication with door devices.

Full-Feature Electronic Systems

Large buildings and companies often require systems capable of storing large quantities of access control and security records. The system may need to control elevators, integrate with CCTV and alarm systems, integrate with building automation, and print photo IDs. ICT GX is one example of a system that is capable of handling these security demands, yet easily scalable for phased implementation.

Citiloc is experienced with the implementation of all of these system types. Let us help you design a custom solution for your project.

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