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Do you have a telephone entry system that needs updating or replacement? Here’s an overview of your options:

  • Dialer systems can call any phone, including cell phones and VOIP, and are common in apartment buildings. Modern dialer systems come with an LCD display and keypad so visitors can scroll through a directory for the right suite, and can include cameras to allow tenants to view visitors.
  • No phone bill systems use a building’s phone wiring to reach occupants, and require a phone plugged into the wall. Like dialer systems, they usually come with a scrolling directory and can include cameras. Useful for buildings where most occupants do not have active phone service.
  • Intercoms, typically used in small buildings and residences, directly connect door stations with master stations inside the building without utilizing the phone at all. Cameras can also be included for identifying visitors.

No matter which type of systems you’re looking for, Citiloc can help you choose and install one that’s right for your building. Contact us today!