Keyless Entry Providers

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A well-planned keyless entry system can protect your building from theft and vandalism, and is convenient for your building’s occupants to use.

A keyless entry system controls who can enter the building and what specific areas they can access, protecting your building from unauthorized entries. It provides your building’s occupants with peace of mind, as electronic credentials like cards and fobs cannot be copied, and lost credentials can be quickly deleted to render the building secure once more. The system is also easy for occupants to use — one credential can open all needed doors, removing the need to carry multiple building keys.

Citiloc is experienced in designing and implementing keyless entry systems of all sizes for multi-tenant residential and commercial buildings. Our team can help you design a system that meets your needs and fits your budget; we’ll also provide you with service available 24/7 and preventive maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

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