System Maintenance

Our Full Service Customer Protection Plan goes one step beyond most service plans—with more features designed to minimize your system downtime and resolve problems quickly and efficiently. These key features include:

  • Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. Your systems never sleep. No matter what time of the day or week your system experiences problems, our technicians can respond, and respond quickly, keeping your downtime and inconvenience to a minimum.
  • Defect Correctable Response Time. If we can’t fix the problem in the field, we will replace any defective equipment with loaner equipment from our service pool. Proper inventory planning and product standardization enables us to guarantee that your system will be up again within 24 hours at most. In most cases, with this policy, field problems are corrected within 2 to 4 hours.
  • All Parts and Labor Included, 100%. Under our agreement, you can safely budget for the maintenance of your system. There will be no budgetary surprises associated with the normal servicing of your system. Testing and inspection of all system components, power supplies and battery backups will be performed semi-annually.

Contact us by phone (604-879-0404) or fax (604-879-0405) for more information.