Your Professional Security Company

Citiloc has been providing security and locksmith solutions to multi-tenant residential buildings since 1985, and is well known in the industry for its quality service and workmanship. Whatever your security needs are, we’re here to fulfill them.

Our project team can help you design and implement security solutions suitable for your building’s and tenants’ unique requirements. Our service team provides immediate response time and expert system maintenance or repair 24/7.

[one_half]Keyless Entry

Control who enters your building and when. Electronic keyfobs can’t be copied, and are easy to delete if lost.
[one_half_last]Entry Intercoms
Ensure tenants can identify their visitors. Our sleek systems are configurable for landlines and/or cellphones.
[one_half]CCTV Systems
IP, analog and hybrid options maximize your surveillance coverage and ensure excellent video quality and analytics.
[one_half_last]Locksmith Services
Strong locks and key control systems prevent unauthorized key duplication by would-be intruders.
[one_half]Quality Hardware
Protect your residents against picking, bumping, and lock abuse. Deter intruders with effective target hardening.
[one_half_last]Security Consulting
Let our experts help you plan the security system layout and type that best fulfills your tenant and building needs.