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Posted – October 27, 2014

Halloween Safety 2014 Blog PhotoIs your apartment building ready for trick or treat? As you are busy purchasing candies and costumes for Halloween 2014, do not overlook an important part of the preparations – whether your home is sufficiently secure. Here’s a rundown of building security factors you should check before getting ready to open your door on this spooky night:

  1. Do you have a way to find out whether it’s a trickster or a treat-seeker at the door? A camera at the building intercom should allow you to check the person’s identity quickly before you let them in.
  2. Is your building too easy to access – that is, can doors be propped open, allowing unwelcome intruders to slip inside? Door sensors at perimeter doors should be in place to sound an alarm if doors are propped or held open for too long.
  3. If there’s a Halloween party in the building, will it be confined to one area or will guests be able to wander where they’re not supposed to go? Strategically located card readers should be able to control the movements of visitors inside the building.
  4. In case unruly guests do vandalize the building or a thief does break into cars or suites, how can the culprit be identified? A surveillance camera or cameras should be in place to record any incidents. Be sure you have high-resolution cameras that can give a clear image of someone’s face even at night.

Not sure if these safety features are in place? Contact us for a security assessment, our experienced staff will help you determine if upgrades are needed. Keep your Halloween both fun and safe!

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