DISCLAIMER: All entries in this blog pertain to real work done and products used by Citiloc Systems Ltd. Names and identifying details are withheld in order to maintain the privacy and security of our clients.

Posted – June 25, 2015

Remote System ManagementDo you know that Citiloc offers remote system management services? Many of the programming tasks for your security system can actually be done via a remote internet connection.

These tasks can include adding new users to your access control system, updating phone numbers on your telephone entry system, or assessing and repairing programming issues your system might be having.

By using this service, your requests can be efficiently handled at our office by a qualified technician. You save time and money by not having to wait for someone to travel out to your site, or needing to have onsite staff go through a lengthy training process to be able to perform these tasks.

To set up remote management for your system, contact us today.

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