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Posted – December 18, 2014

Seasonal Safety 2014The holiday season – a time of year for celebration. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of year when theft and crime are common. Here are a few things you can do to protect your home and business:

Home Holiday Security Checklist
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  • Hosting a party? When you receive a call through the intercom, check that you know the visitor before letting them in, preferably by viewing them on your security camera.
  • Before heading out for shopping and celebrations, remember to set your alarm.
  • To deter break-ins while you are out, consider investing in door hardware upgrades such as high-security locks and door plates.
  • Do not leave garage remotes or key fobs in your car. Thieves can break in, steal your remote or fob, and check your address on your insurance papers.

Business Holiday Security Checklist
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  • Be sure your security systems are protected with back-up power, in case a winter storm turns out the lights.
  • Check your CCTV system to ensure it has sufficient memory to retain footage for the duration of the holiday closure, and the footage is clear enough to identify facial features even after lights out.
  • Lost your key while out celebrating? Our locksmiths can rekey or replace your locks.
  • If your front line employees work in a high-risk environment, or are alone on shift, you can protect them with a personal panic alarm system. It will allow them to quickly and easily call for help with the press of a button.

Don’t let crime ruin your holidays. Follow these steps, and let Citiloc help you with any security upgrades you may need.

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