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Much like a car, your security system needs regular inspections and preventive maintenance. Don’t wait for something to break and leave you unprotected: make sure you schedule maintenance appointments at least once a year.

During  maintenance, qualified technicians proactively test and inspect all security system components. This includes your electronic systems, central processors, locks and peripheral hardware, and power supplies and system back-up batteries.

Afterwards, technicians will provide a full maintenance report. This report covers system performance, current equipment conditions, and any items that need to be replaced. It contains recommendations to account for the changing needs of your tenants as well as updates in building safety regulations.

Technicians can suggest and recommend system improvements and upgrades as well. As security technology moves forward, this helps you keep up-to-date on how you can streamline your security and improve protection of your home and business.

Having a preventive maintenance program in place minimizes critical security downtime and causes less inconvenience and expense than emergency repairs.  Having one provided by a trusted security solutions company is easy, smart and safe. Invest in one with Citiloc today!