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April 21, 2014
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Keyless Entry at a Glance

Keyless entry is exactly what it sounds like: having a system in a building that allows you to lock and unlock multiple doors using a programmed card or fob rather than several keys.

What can keyless entry do for me?

A well-planned keyless entry system can better protect your building from intruders and help to prevent theft and vandalism within your building.

Keyless entry has several advantages over a keyed system. A single card or fob can be programmed to let you in and out of rooms you are authorized to access.  No more need for large bunches of keys! Building managers can also use the keyless entry system to schedule who can enter a particular room at what times.

You’ll always know who has access to your building with a keyless system: unlike keys, cards and fobs cannot be duplicated, and can only be programmed by authorized personnel, so there’s no risk of unaccounted-for copies. If a tenant’s card or fob is lost or stolen, it can simply be deleted from the system and replaced with a new one – immediately re-securing the building – instead of the entire building needing to be rekeyed.

How do I go about getting keyless entry?

A keyless entry system can be implemented in phases rather than all at once. You can start by securing perimeter doors and gates, and then gradually add more doors to the system each year, which is much easier to plan for in your budget.

Every building has different needs, and there can be an overwhelming number of functions and features to choose from. This is where Citiloc can help: we can survey your site and provide you with a keyless entry solution that will cover your requirements.

Many smaller building owners believe that a keyless entry system is an expensive luxury. In reality, it can be an investment that pays for itself over time by saving you costs on replacing keys, rekeying locks, theft and vandalism repair; and by improving accountability. How can you afford not to have it?

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