Why use IP megapixel cameras? Because they host a benefit of advanced functions that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The advantages include:

  • Remote accessibility
  • High image quality
  • Event management and intelligent video
  • Easy integration
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness

To prevent your existing analog (CCTV) system from growing outdated or being unable to function as an IP camera solution, we install a video encoder or video server. A video encoder digitizes analog video signals and sends digital images directly over an IP network, such as LAN or Internet.


Citiloc Strategic Vendors

AXIS Leader in Network Cameras and IP Solutions
Mobotix Hi-Res Cameras for Video Surveillance and Network Solutions
Pelco Design and Manufacture of Video Security Systems
Sanyo High-Quality Security Cameras
EyeSonic Professional Camera Manufacturer
Arecont Vision HD Surveillance IP Cameras and Software
ACTI Leader in IP Surveillance Solutions
Sony Quality Monitoring Products
Panasonic Analog and IP Cameras
Cisco Systems Integrated Security Products
D-Link IP Cameras and Scalable Storage
IQinVision IP Network Cameras
Vivotek Leader in Network Video Solutions