[frame_left]https://citiloc.com/images/axis.jpg[/frame_left]Video management software (VMS) is an application that not only controls live and remote viewing, but also records and controls event management for analog and IP cameras. Video management software also incorporates video analytics to provide more safety, security and real-time event control.

Citiloc has been introducing our clients to leading analytics and video management software. Software applications such as Milestone and Aimetis increase both ease of use and quality of viewing.

View some analytics video clips:

Citiloc Strategic Vendors

Milestone Systems IP Video Surveillance and Security Camera Software
Aimetis Intelligent Video Surveillance Products and Services
Exacq Versatile IP Video Surveillance Solutions
AXIS Leader in Network Cameras and IP Solutions
Mobotix Hi-Res Cameras for Video Surveillance and Network Solutions
Pelco Design and Manufacture of Video Security Systems
Sanyo High-Quality Security Cameras
EyeSonic Professional Camera Manufacturer
Arecont Vision HD Surveillance IP Cameras and Software
ACTI Leader in IP Surveillance Solutions
Sony Quality Monitoring Products
Panasonic Analog and IP Cameras
Cisco Systems Integrated Security Products
D-Link IP Cameras and Scalable Storage
IQinVision IP Network Cameras
Vivotek Leader in Network Video Solutions