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January 29, 2015
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Residential Building Security Checklist

Is your apartment or condominium building sufficiently protected against intruders? Below is a list of basic security measures that every building should have.

  • Ensure all apartment locks have been rekeyed after a tenant leaves, to prevent use of the old key to break and enter.
  • Protect perimeter doors with full-length security plates and knob/lever guards, to deter prying or damage to the handles to gain entry.
  • Install high-security locks such as Medeco locks, which have been tested against bumping, picking, drilling, and other physical attacks.
  • Control access to the building with a keyless entry system, since electronic key fobs cannot be copied, and lost or stolen ones can be quickly deleted.
  • Allow residents to confirm their visitors’ identities before letting them in with a telephone entry system.
  • If your building has a parking area, control access to it with a fob-operated overhead or sliding gate, to deter thieves from breaking into or stealing vehicles.
  • Install a high-resolution CCTV system with strategically placed cameras to provide valuable evidence if a break in does occur.

Missing some of these security features? Citiloc can help you with a comprehensive security assessment and let you know how to make your building safe.

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